The seminar is fully booked!

Finnish Coaches Association and Kainuu Liikunta invite young coaches, under 30 years of age, to participate in a coach seminar. The seminar organizes in connection with the European Youth Olympic Festival, EYOF Vuokatti, an is intended for all young coaches in the participating countries. The seminar includes four different themes that are relevants for future modern coaches. The aim of the seminar is to develop the coaching skills of young coaches in accordance with the requirements of modern coaching. This seminar is also a great opportunity for networking with other young coaches.

Kajaani/Vuokatti, Finland. The exact venue location of the seminar will be specified later.

The seminar is open to all sport coaches (not limited to certain sports) under the age of 30 from the countries participating in the EYOF competitions and from Finland. EYOF participating countries' national olympic committees and national sport federations are invited to co-operate in the recruitment of young coaches for this seminar

The number of participants is limited to 60, of which 30 are reserved for Finnish coaches and 30 other places are reserved for coaches from other participating countries in the EYOF event. The participants of the seminar will be selected in the order of registration. We also reserve the right to select participants from as many countries as possible if there are more registrations than mentioned above.

Day 0, 20th March: Arrival and accomodation
Day 1, 21st March: Modern Coach – Responsible coaching
Day 2, 22nd March: Modern Coach – Utilization of sports technology in coaching
Day 3, 23rd March: Modern Coach – Athlete development
Day 4, 24th March: Modern Coach – The public role

Please find a more detailed program of the seminar, click here

The seminar is free of charge for participants. Accommodation and meals for the participants are paid for by the organizer. The participant only needs to cover their travel expenses to and from Kajaani, Finland.

The organizer of the seminar organizes and pays for the participants' accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Accommodation is in double rooms. If you have a special diet or food allergy, please report them when registering. Accommodation costs will also be paid to foreign participants during the final EYOF competitions days if the participant travels together with his/her national team.

THE SEMINAR IS FULLY BOOKED! The registration for seminar is open until 6th March 2022.  The participants of the seminar will be selected in the order of registration. After registration, the organizer will confirm your place of participation by e-mail. 

If you are traveling on your own and not with your country's national team, here are information to traveling in Finland from Helsinki to Kajaani / Vuokatti.
By flying: Flights between Helsinki and Kajaani are operated by DAT. Flight time 1hour 20 minutes. For booking flight from Helsinki to Kajaani click here.
By train: Train connections between Helsinki and Kajaani are operated by VR. Travel time 6-8 hours. For booking train from Helsinki to Kajaani click here.
By bus: Bus connections between Helsinki and Kajaani are operated by OnniBuss. Travel time around 8 hours. For booking bus from Helsinki to Kajaani click here.
By car: The distance between Helsinki and Kajaani is 560 km. Travel time around 7 hours.

We follow current health regulations and guidelines. We will inform participants of these possible regulations (wearing masks, distance, etc.) before the seminar. Attending the seminar only completely healthy. Current information on travelling restrictions can be found here. There are currently no access restrictions for those coming from EU and Schengen countries.  As part of the border control, the authority checks travel documents, including passports or personal identity documents. The authorities may also check health-related documents, including vaccination certificates, recovery certificates or test certificates.

For arrivals from outside the EU and Schengen countries, see the link above for more information on entry restrictions / requirements. Please find more information from the Finnish Institute for health and welfare pages. Entering Finland from outside of the EU and Schengen area: a certificate of a full approved COVID-19 vaccination series, OR a certificate of having had the COVID-19 disease and one approved COVID-19 vaccine, OR an EU Digital COVID Certificate for a COVID-19 disease had less than six months ago, AND a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test taken no earlier than 48 hours before arrival in Finland.

The seminar is part of the BYOU Eramus+ project: By the Young for the Young: EYOF 2022 to foster inclusion and physical activity.
Seminar is organized by Finnish Coaches Association together with the Kainuu Sports organization. The Finnish Coaches’ Association (Suomen Valmentajat) is an active collaborator in the Finnish sport arena and shares the gained experiences from each coach education training with other actors in the field through diverse communication channels.

Kainuu Sports organization (Kainuun Liikunta) is one of the fifteen regional sports organizations in Finland. Kainuun Liikunta promotes the sporty way of life of all people in Kainuu through development, training, influence, guidance and events. County of Kainuu is located in the northern part of Finland.

If you have questions concerning the seminar, registration, costs, etc., please do not hesitate to contact:
Eero Simojoki,, mobile: +358 40 837 0371