Modern Coach Seminar during EYOF Vuokatti


The 4-day Modern Coach seminar is organized in Kajaani and Vuokatti in cooperation between the Finnish Coaches Association and the Kainuu Sports Organization. The Modern Coach Seminar of the BYOU Eramus+ project is simultaneously organized in conjunction with the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2022 in Vuokatti.

Kuva: Lumilautaliitto/Harri Tarvainen

The key themes of the Modern Coach Seminar are responsible coaching, utilization of sports technology in coaching, athlete development, and the public role of the coach.

The seminar is open to 30 coaches under 30 years from Finland and to 30 coaches under 30 years from the participating countries in the EYOF. The mean age of the participating coaches is 24.9 years. The 30 non-Finnish coaches come from more than 10 different countries, and all coaches together represent 22 different sports, and the experience ranges from a beginner coach to coaches with over 10 years of coaching experience and holding a Master’s Degree in sport sciences.

The Erasmus+ Fair Coaching project has been invited to execute a Fair Coaching workshop on the first day of the Modern Coach Seminar as part of the responsible coaching seminar topic. Dr. Frauke Kubischta is the educator for the Fair Coaching workshop at the BYOU Erasmus + Modern Coach Seminar.

The EYOF in its long tradition fosters the Olympic principles of friendship, fair play and integrity. Hence this cooperation between BYOU and EYOF is the ideal platform for the Fair Coaching project to share the important message of fair, ethical and responsible coaching and to give coaches the possibility to actively participate in a Fair Coaching workshop to develop expertise around the fair coaching theme.