Strategy 2021-2025


A multitudinous skilled, respected and united team of coaches is building an even better Finnish sport - our sport.

The vision of the Finnish Coaches Association is to bring coaches together in a team to promote and develop effective and quality coaching in Finland, at all levels and in all sports. Coaching in itself is a resource for coaches as well as for society at large. The Finnish Coaches Association offers its members opportunities for continuous self-development through training and as well as through diverse communication channels. The association promotes learning opportunities for coaches independently through the application of different means as well as in cooperation with other parties. The association actively cooperates with other parties involved in sports to promote the appreciation of sports, good coaching and successful coaching. The vision also states that coaching is valued and that the coaching force is growing - both women and men of all ages want to become coaches. Coaching offers different possibilities, professional level coaching or volunteer level coaching. Regardless of the sport or level, coaches are part of a team which is taking the common cause, coaching, forward. Coaches are proud of their skills. A coach's passion inspires.

It's great to be a coach - It's cool to be a coach - It's boss to be a coach!


The Finnish Coaches Association is the captain of the team of sports coaches, it brings the team together and supports its members to develop their skills, succeed and gain recognition.


The values ​​of the Finnish Coaches Association are expressed in sports terms and are clearly reflected in the association’s activities. The terms familiar to everyone give an idea of ​​how the Finnish Coaches Association is pushing their activities forward.


Takes the game forward utilizing strong leadership and collaboration with others. Challenges boldly to advance the game and tackles when needed.

Reliable team player

Sticks to fair play and supports each teammate. Works towards common goals and success.

Reading the game

Find new ways to solve challenges and score in situations when no one else sees a chance to win.

In Finnish sports, all coaches promote the values ​​promoted in the Coach Matters materials, which are:

1. Joy, enthusiasm and passion

2. Striving for excellence - Striving towards continuous self-improvement

3. Endeavour and grit

4. Respect and fair play

5. Cooperation


At the forefront of development - for sports coaches

The Finnish Coaches Association, as an association of sports coaches, wants to help all Finnish and foreign coaches operating in Finland to develop their skills, gain recognition and succeed - to stay at the forefront of development. The association exists for sports coaches and other professionals in the sport coaching environment.

Main tasks

The tasks of the Finnish Coaches Association in 2021-2025 fall under two main activity areas:

Competence, appreciation and responsibility

The Finnish Coaches Association increases the skills of coaches through their own trainings as well as trainings organized in cooperation with other partners and institutions, through developing and disseminating information on coaching and through participating actively in the development of coach training and coach development programmes in society. International coaching know-how is imported to Finland through the activities of the Finnish Coaches Association. Furthermore, does the association promote the appreciation of coaches as part of the importance and effectiveness of sport in society. Recognition is further increased by promoting good coaching and highlighting coaching topics through communication as well as commending coaches. The Finnish Coaches Association plays a key role in promoting good coaching, the basis for ethically sustainable, and responsible Finnish sports. The areas of responsibility are at the core of the association's activities. Equality and equity are central values ​​in both, the association's activities as well as in the development of Finnish sports.

Community, cooperation and influence

The Finnish Coaches Association was founded to increase the communality of coaches and the association continues to do this. Communality is increased through providing coaches with opportunities to meet each other and to share their experiences with their peers. The sport/coaching communities are an integral part of the Finnish Coaches Association and are the core of the association’s communality. The Finnish Coaches Association is an active player and has created an extensive network with those involved in sports. Expertise is shared and cooperation is established also with those outside of the sporting context. The association is a respected and a sought-after partner both domestically and internationally. The role of Finnish Coaches Association is to make the voice of the coach heard through their operations and in decision-making processes. The Finnish Coaches Association works to highlight the invaluable work of sports coaches and to preserve the diversity of coaching. The association contributes to the development of the working conditions and operating environments of coaches at all levels of coaching and for all sports.