Community Membership

Community Members

Those organisations who want to take care and support their coaches can become community members of the Finnish Coaches Association. These are, for example, clubs, other sports organizations, sports academies or sport training centres. Through membership, both individual and organization members, stay up-to-date on the current topics in sports coaching; and membership comes along with plenty of great benefits.

The Finnish Coaches Association has around 4,000 members. Become a part! The Finnish Coaches Association membership is 89€ for community members and 59€ for personal members per year. The codes for claiming membership benefits with are published two times per year in the e-newsletter and can also be found in the membership section (log-in required).

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Membership benefits

Coach Magazine, 5 issues per year by mail or electronically 

e-Coach 11-15 numbers per year via email 

Evolving Coach workshop 

VK-Kustannus books -20% 

The possibility to apply for a training grant for international training opportunities

Fuel discounts at ST1 and Shell stations 

Training opportunity and events for member prices

Contract templates for contracts between clubs and coaches