Individual Members

An individual member joins the association as an private person. All sport coaches and other persons involved with sports coaching, regardless of sport and level, are welcome to join the Finnish Coaches Association.

When you join the Finnish Coaches Association as an individual member, you can also join or already be a member of the coaching community that cooperates with the Finnish Coaches Association. Members of these coaching communities are entitled to the Coaching community individual member category of the Finnish Coaches Association. The coaching communities themselves define their own membership fee, which is added to the Finnish Coaches Associations' membership fee. There are also own membership categories for students and seniors.

Membership categories:

Individual member

Any person involved in sports coaching can become an Individual member of the association.

Coaching community individual member

A person involved in sports coaching who is a member and has fulfilled his membership obligations in a sport-specific or cross-sport coaching community with which the Finnish Coaches Association has a valid coaching community agreement can become a Coaching community individual member of the association.

Student member

A person involved in sports coaching can become a Student member of the association while attending coach education training of a sports association or another sports organization, while studying in a vocational or higher education institution leading to a degree in sports, or while being a full-time student in another study field. Student membership only applies to the year of joining and membership continues after that in another applicable membership category.

Senior Member

Every person involved in sports coaching who turns 70 or is older than that in the year of operation can become a Senior member of the association.

Honorary chairman and honorary member

A distinguished individual member who has served as chairman of the association can be named Honorary chairman. A distinguished individual member can be named Honorary member.

The member undertakes to comply with the rules of the association and the decisions made by its institutions and to pay any joining and annual membership fees. Membership fees may be different in different membership categories. Honorary chairpersons and honorary members are not charged a membership fee.

Membership is applied for with a membership application, with the exception of honorary chairmen and honorary members, who are invited to the relevant membership category. Members are approved by the board.

The Finnish Coaches Association already has about 4,000 members. Join us now!

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Membership benefits

Coach Magazine, 5 issues per year by mail or electronically

e-Coach 12-15 numbers per year via email

Training opportunity and events for member prices

The possibility to apply for a training grant for international training opportunities

VK-Kustannus books -20% 

Contract templates for contracts between clubs and coaches

Prerogative to use the Coach Collection apparel 

Reduced prices at Sport Institutes during leisure time travels

Fuel discounts at St1 and Shell stations