Sport-specific coaches’ club

As a member of the Finnish Coaches’ Association, you can be also a member of your own sport-specific coaches’ club.

Individual members joins the Finnish Coaches Association as a personal member. All coaches, regardless of their sport and/or expertise level, are welcome to join the Finnish Coaches Association.

The same membership, entitles a coach to also belong to a sport-specific coaches’ club that cooperates with the Finnish Coaches Association. Around 30 sport-specific coaches’ clubs are currently cooperating with the Finnish Coaches Association. In addition to these, have the Sport academy coaches club, the Paracoaches club, and the Finnish Strength and Condition Coaches’ Association established a cooperation with our association.

It should be noted that some sport-specific coaches’ clubs have their own membership-criteria, their own membership benefits and their fee may differ from the annual membership fee for the Finnish Coaches Association.

The Finnish Strength and Condition Coaches’ Association (Suomen Fysiikkavalmentajat ry.), the Finnish Athletics Coaching Association (Suomen Urheiluliiton valmentajayhdistys), Finnish Basketball Coaches (Suomen Koripallovalmentajat ry), the Finnish Association of Teachers of Dancing STOL (Suomen Tanssinopettajain Liitto STOL ry) coaches’ clubs have specific membership criteria determined in their statutes and membership applications are approved by the club board.

Motorsport Coaches (Autourheiluvalmentajat)

Equestrian Trainers-Finland

Finnish Strength and Condition Coaches’ Association ry (Suomen Fysiikkavalmentajat ry)

Ice Hockey Coaches Club (Jääkiekkovalmentajakerho)

Finnish Shooting Sports Federation Coaches’ ry (SAL-Valmentajat ry)

Finnish Athletics Federation Coaches’ Association ry (SUL Valmentajayhdistys ry)

Finnish Judo Coaches’ Club (Suomen Judovalmentajakerho)

Finnish Archery Coaches (Suomen Jousiammuntavalmentajat)

Finnish Basketball Coaches ry (Suomen Koripallovalmentajat ry)

Finnish Handball Coaches (Suomen Käsipallovalmentajat – Finland Handbollstränaren ry)

Finnish Volleyball Coaches (Suomen Lentopallovalmentajat)

Cross-country Skiing Coaches Club (Hiihdon valmentajakerho)

Finnish Canoeing/Kayaking Coaches Club (Suomen Melontavalmentajakerho)

Boxing Coaches Club (Nyrkkeilyvalmentajakerho)

Finnish Wrestling Coaches Club (Suomen Painivalmentajakerho)

Paracoaches (Paravalmentajat)

Finnish Baseball Coaches PPV (Pesäpallovalmentajat PPV)

Finnish Sailing Coaches Association ry (Suomen Purjehdusvalmentajat ry)

Finnish Ringette Coaches Association ry (Suomen Ringettevalmentajat ry)

Finnish Floorball Coaches (Suomen Salibandyvalmentajat)

Finnish Rowing Coaches (Suomen Soutuvalmentajat)

Finnish Badminton Coaches (Suomen Sulkapallovalmentajat)

Finnish Orienteering Coaches (Suomen Suunnistusvalmentajat ry)

Finnish Squash Coaches (Suomen Squashvalmentajat)

Finnish Figure Skating Coaches Association ry (Suomen Taitoluisteluvalmentajat ry)

Finnish Association of Teachers of Dancing STOL (Suomen Tanssinopettajain Liitto STOL ry)

Finnish Tennis Coaches Association ry (Suomen Tennisvalmentajat ry)

Finnish Swimming Coaches (Suomen Uintivalmentajat)

Sport Academy Coaches (Urheiluakatemiavalmentajat)

SUFT Sports Physiotherapists (Suomen Urheilufysioterapeutit SUFT ry)

Finnish Association of Sport Psychology (Suomen Urheilupsykologinen Yhdistys SUPY ry)

Finnish Gymnastics Coaches (Suomen Voimisteluvalmentajakerho)